By order of our glorious leader, this hideously addictive western game shall be banned in our nation for the benefit of our glorious Korean youth
— Kim-Jong-un

Softly Softly Catchee Monkey...

In Catchee Monkey, you must help the snake carry away the young, sleeping monkey. Watch out for the hazards of the jungle and don't wake the baby! 

Softly Softly Catchee Monkey is my first foray into the world of game development. I decided to get into game making after a lifetime of playing other peoples creations and dreaming up my own twists on what they had made. I hardly expect this first game to change the world but it is one step in the right direction.  For me, games were always about moments, moments of triumph, despair, terror and wonder. As i've got older these moments have seemed to disappear from gaming to be replaced by cutting edge graphics, mo-cap, hollywood script writing nonsense. I want to make the games a younger me would have enjoyed.

You could at least spell check your blog
— My mother