The art of gift wrapped babies and penis snakes.

Art sucks. I don't like it.

Compared to how easy programming is, just whacking together a few disjointed words to make magic happen, art is confusing. "It's all subjective," a cool person once said to me, in between sips of his craft ale, "you just have to have a feel for it"

well I've had a feel for it and it feels like uncooked chicken. My experience with art is similar to my experience with alcohol. I dabbled in it during my early 20's and decided it wasn't for me, but never the less i can see why some people like the idea of it.

In the last post I made a list of art assets I needed to make, first of all I cracked on with the snake, which is serving as a rope for the grappling hook function. The snakes head of course being the "hook".

Yeah I know, it looks awful. The left side is the sprite in the "shooting phase", when the hook is flying through the air toward the target. I'm not sure if i've been inspired by a cartoon or a children's toy but it doesn't look like any snake I've ever seen. 

The right hand side is the "locked phase", when the hook has hit the target and the player is being drawn in. Lets be honest... it's a penis. a gradient-ed green cock, with two small balls hanging out at the bottom. These two were the first thing I drew, i'll definitely be coming back to them at some point. For now, they will go in the 'placeholders of shame' folder.

Next up came the main character, who I'd decided was a monkey.

Not much better is it? The snake wrapped round his trunk looks like a rubber ring and the less said about his hands and feet, the better. I sort of like the face, except the mouth. Anyway I pressed on with this one with the intention of making some sort of rag doll physics using hinge joints. Unfortunately this plan didn't agree with my artificial gravity script and the monkey ended up in bits spread all over the floor. This morbid scene put me off the idea of multiple limbs all together. I decided I quite liked the idea of a baby monkey being rescued by the snake. Maybe from a bear or a more relevant jungle predator.

I googled for image references and unfortunately looked up "snake human baby". eventually I came across the concept of swaddling, apparently gift wrapping your babies at night is standard practice. presumably to stop them floating away or falling apart. Anyway, i decided it was a cool idea, I gave the monkey a baby dummy (pacifier?) to get rid of the annoying mouth and added some cute hair to emphasise that it was a baby. I finally ended up with this:

This I'm satisfied with. It's simple, doesn't take up much memory space but ticks all the boxes. It also scores big on the cute factor. The fact that the baby monkey may get eaten by a crocodile in this game could affect my downloads but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I tried a few more times to use hinge joints and distance joints to give the head some rag doll physics but it absolutely wasn't having it. I'll have to see if i can make it look realistic enough with animations. If not I may have to revisit the gravity script. For now though, I'm going to carry on chipping away at the art assets.