The Good the Bad and the Logly, the artwork of the enemies.

Apologies for the awful title. 

So today I rounded up the art, coding and implementation of the 4 enemies in the game. I'll give you a rundown of them now.

1. Spider webs

Amongst the most ancient and hated enemies in the real world, spiders are the first port of call for any games pool of enemies. However, with their eight wriggly legs and terrifying, uncountable eyes, they're a nightmare to draw, animate and render. So I took the next best thing. A spider web. 

 The international symbol of fear.

The international symbol of fear.

Walking though a spiderweb is never a pleasant experience, no matter how you feel about their eight-legged architects of evil. The feeling of the sticky strands dragging across your face, touching your lips and getting entangled in your hair makes you think of all the other disgusting stuff that's touched them. When you inhale in panic, some of the web goes into your airways and thats it, your infected forever. Spiders eggs are in your stomach and the spiderlings will eat you from the inside out. 

The sprite is simple, It took about 10 minutes to make in Inkscape. The top and bottom extend of the screen giving the illusion that the web is anchored somewhere. An area effector 2D is placed on the GameObject and interacts with a circle collider 2D, acting as a trigger, that encompasses the central web area. This area effector exerts a drag on any object that passes through it, making the spiderweb 'sticky'.

2. Peacocks

The jungle. beautiful orchids hang in dappled twilight... the smell of wet leaves... howls in the distance and... 


OK so maybe peacocks aren't the first animal that springs to mind when you think of thick tropical jungle BUT, according to my 30 seconds of research i did before that last comma, they are originally from the jungles of Asia, or the Congo... or both. Here's my take on this most voluminous and stunning of birds.

 The velociraptors open-minded cousin.

The velociraptors open-minded cousin.

The face didn't turn out great but I'm happy with the rest of it. FUN FACT: peacocks are actually really gnarly birds and could probably kill a small child if they really wanted to, so a baby monkey wouldn't stand a chance. I'm happy that this peacock looks stunning but still maintains a look of animalistic fury, like a dinosaur in conflict with himself.

The peacock has two modes, sleeping and awake. The above picture is the awake mode. The peacock starts in the much smaller sleeping mode. It has a circle collider set as a trigger round it, encompassing just less than half the height of the screen. When the player passes into this trigger, the peacock changes into the 'awake' mode. The waking peacock takes up about a third the height of the screen, and it's plumage is VERY solid. Effectively making a pop up barrier.

3. Spikey vines

Not too much to say about these guys, they hang down from the top and vary in length, when the player bumps into them, thats it, game over.


FUN FACT: There is no species of plant that looks like this.

This is my favourite sprite I've made so far. It just looks right somehow. Occasionally, this GameObject will appear in conjunction with the next and final enemy.

4. Logs

There are few things that strike as much fear into the heart of people as logs. Vaguely cylindrical, ominously brown, often made of wood. These enemies are the inverted form of the vine. They come up from the bottom of the screen making an impenetrable barrier. Unlike the vine, hitting this enemy does not equal certain death. This is because the player will normally be getting pulled toward the ceiling by the grappling hook (snake), so the player will be moving towards the top of the log if the player continues to try and 'pull' through it. Eventually, they will 'ping' out, leading to an inevitable loss of control, a crash and mountains of frustration.

The sprite is quite good, not my best but the details are nice. Like I said above, occasionally this enemy appears with the spikey vines making a small gap which is very hard for the player to get through. As I have said before, this scenario will be called "double trouble".


well those are the four enemies. I'm quite happy with them and their spawning script which I showed in the last post. Although I need to do something to stop multiple enemies spawning in the same place and making impenetrable walls. Or not, maybe I'll leave that in. 

Next step is to draw the backgrounds and borders, which I've been putting off doing for a couple of days now.  Then implement some sort of parallaxing script to add depth to the scene.