A swift death. Ending the game whilst keeping the action flowing.

I've managed to put quite a nice game over scenario together in the last few days. I didn't want any game over screens to retract from the action and I'm quite confident I've achieved that.

My key inspiration was flappy bird and the helicopter game. With both these titles the player can jump straight back into the action by simply tapping/clicking the screen and they're bought straight back to the beginning. I wanted to polish my end game a bit more but the ability to "instantly restart" was a key part of the design here. 

Below is a video of my endgame.

Theres a large flow of enumerators and animations involved in the endgame. From the moment the player hits the ground and stops moving, it's possible for the player to tap the screen and restart gameplay right away. This way returning players won't have to sit through the animations.

The difference in local X value between the head and the tail determines wether the monkey is lying on it's left or right side. This is then used to determine which way the head tilts. The tears are a separate animation that runs in conjunction with the text animations.

I also tweaked the scripts involved with the peacock enemy and the log to temporarily change the monkeys colour to yellow when they are hit, suggesting some sort of stun phase. When he vine is hit, the monkey permanently changes it's colour to red. This can be seen in the following video:


As a side note, in this video you can see how the backgrounds and the god rays I was talking about in the previous post help breathe some life into the game.

Next up, I'll be working at the other end... coming up with a quick beginning for the game and maybe some sort of simple tutorial. Animations aren't my strong point and the last two days have been quite difficult, but i'm hoping the beginning will be easier than the end.