Bringing in the Harvest - uploading to iTunes

It seems like a lifetime ago when I promised to include a guide of how I uploaded Catchee Monkey to the AppStore. Well here it is, after much delay, all the trials and tribulations I had to go through to get my app up there in those clouds of chrome.

1. Make a good game.

2. Go to build settings in Unity, make sure all your relevant scenes are included in the build, switch your platform to iOS, then hit PLAYER SETTINGS.

3. in player settings you can edit your icon and splash screen, but the only thing you HAVE to do is sort your bundle identifier and version.

So the convention with bundle identifiers is to name them backwards or something like that. First "com" then your company name, then your game name. All seperated by dots. I've named my company arse biscuits, and my game; shame.


I used codeless IAP because I am both impatient and incapable of learning new things. I made sure to note the names of all the ID's in the IAP catalog. they will be important.

5. Back to second person, sign up to iTunes Connect and get a developer account, spend $100 on it, switch off your heating to save money, get approved developer status.

6. Add a new app and begin to populate all the required fields. iTunes is REALLY picky about the size of screenshots that you upload so you'll probably have to use an image resizer. Once you've done all that head over to FEATURES and start adding your in-app-purchases.

remember those important words i told you to remember? recall them now. and input them under product ID. For some bizzare reason you also have to upload a screen shot of your purchase or you won't be able to move on. I usually put up a picture of a nice nature scene or a happy animal, so if anyone ever does see it, they will be happier.

7. Look at the top, where it says my apps. see it? click on it then navigate to agreements, tax and banking. If you are including in App purchases you NEED a paid agreement. It's quite easy to do. just follow the instructions to get one.

8. Back to unity, It's all down hill from here. Build your project to Xcode. Word of warning, Xcode seems to exist in several different folds of reality, often existing simultaneously in both time and space. As a result it can be quite taxing on your laptop. If your a dude, put a cushion over Sean Henry Williams or your risking catastrophic burns. Better yet, use a desk

9. Once you've built to Xcode make sure the App is signed to whatever entity/company is publishing it. You should know this as it is probably your own self.

10. Clean the project.

11. Archive the project.

12. Upload and publish.

13. Tell your mother and watch as she messages her 13 facebook friends with a link to the front page of the google play store.


I'll be honest I got bored by about step 8. A really good guide can be found here. This guide includes about 90% of what you need to know.

I'm trying to get the app onto the google play store but i'm currently having problems because apparently the app is "identical" to an already existing app. This seems highly unlikely as Catchee Monkey is so amateur I don't think even I could remake it. 

Once I figure out whats going on I'll upload a guide to getting on the google pay store.